What is a charitable solicitation?

Why are charities required to register?

When should a charity register?

Who has to register?

Do all states require registration for a charitable organization?

Is an Internet web site or email which solicits charitable gifts a charitable solicitation?

Are any charities exempt from registration?

What is a professional solicitor or professional fundraiser?
Generally, a professional solicitor is any person, or their agent, who is paid to solicit contributions for charitable purposes, and a professional fundraiser is someone who conducts, advises, acts as a consultant in connection with the solicitation of contributions for or on behalf of a charitable organization. A written agreement between the charity and the solicitor or fundraiser is usually required and must be filed with the registering states. Although the states use many different terms to describe a solicitor and a fundraiser, the major difference is that a professional solicitor actually takes receipt of a charitable contribution, whereas a professional fundraiser solely advises regarding charitable solicitations.

Are there any disclosure statements required by the charitable organization conducting solicitations?

How does a state become aware of noncompliance?

What penalties may apply for noncompliance?