What is a charitable solicitation?

Why are charities required to register?

When should a charity register?

Who has to register?

Do all states require registration for a charitable organization?

Is an Internet web site or email which solicits charitable gifts a charitable solicitation?

Are any charities exempt from registration?
While most charities must register, there are some organizations which are frequently exempt in some of the states. The nature of the charity, the type of solicitation or the amount raised from solicitations is distinguishing features of the exemptions. For instance, churches are generally exempt in most states. Schools, hospitals and other charitable organizations are exempt only in certain states. Many states exempt solicitations in which the charity raises less than $5,000 - $25,000 and no professional solicitor is retained. Exemptions may apply to the entirety of the charitable solicitations act or solely to the registration requirement. In some states, application for the exemption must be made and accepted.

What is a professional solicitor or professional fundraiser?

Are there any disclosure statements required by the charitable organization conducting solicitations?

How does a state become aware of noncompliance?

What penalties may apply for noncompliance?